Whisky on the Rocks!

Whiskey could not be more "on the rocks" than this: Calanca ICE Rocks cool the Scottish gold in an elegant way, without diluting the whiskey. The small gneiss cubes from the Calanca valley in southern Grisons are an example of ancient rock and craftsmanship in the glass and they will not appeal just to whiskey fans.


Calanca gneiss is famous for its beautiful, shimmering layers and is often used for garden furnishing. With the innovative ICE Rocks, Alfredo Polti SA is now bringing a small piece of the Grisons mountains to the world of whiskey.


Whiskey fans know: A few drops of water unfold the flavors and "open" the whiskey. If you like to drink it chilled, however, your whiskey may get watered down too much by adding ice cubes to it. Calanca ICE Rocks solve this problem elegantly and decoratively. The beautiful stones will not only cool your beverage, but are also an eye-catcher in every glass. Together with the whiskey recommendations of Pernod Ricard Swiss SA, ICE Rocks make a perfect gift package.

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